War Robots Mod APK (Unlimited Gold +Unlimited Bullets + Unlocked)

War Robots MOD APK, the biggest shooter, plays about giant robots that fit into your pocket. Join epic PvP battles facing rivals from all over the world and show them who’s the smartest, fastest, most hardened pilot around! Perfect for surprise attacks, intricate tactical exercises, and other tricks up enemies’ sleeves

War Robots Mod APK (Unlimited Gold +Unlimited Bullets + Unlocked): The Action-Packed Latest Play for You. You can download it for Free from our website. You will get Unlimited Gold CoinsUnlimited Silver, and Infinite Ammo (Unlimited Bullets) with this mod. Also, Unlock the Premium Purchases in the game.

War Robots Mod APK


If you love robots, this game is definitely for you since the war in the 6v6 battle you have to play with metal warriors. The game features ballistic missiles, energy and plasma guns, and more than 20 weapon types on multiple maps with battles on them. War robot works are designed for Android smartphones as well as tablets. To get this awesome game, you have to follow all the guidance about War Robots Mod APK Download. So keep reading till the end for better understanding. Let me explain it!


War Robots Mod APK

Walking War Robot is an action-packed Android multiplayer game featuring six vs six-team battles in real-time! Join the ranks of the Metal Warriors! As long as you play games, you will earn the money you can spend to upgrade your robot or buy powerful new ones! And if you are VIP, you will get double rewards and a couple of advantages over other players from around the world!

It’s a time of war, pilot! Are you ready for surprise charges, complex tactical manoeuvres, and so many sneaky skills your rivals have in store for you? Damage enemy robots, capture all the beacons and upgrade your weapons to increase your battle robots’ fighting strength, speed, and duration. Test yourself in each plan and use different strategies and tactics to emerge victorious from the battle!

NameWar Robots Multiplayer Battles
Content RatingRated for 12+
Last UpdatedJuly 16, 2020
FeaturesUnlimited Coins,
Bullets/ Missiles
Unlock Premium
By UpdatedWar Robots Mod APK


In the game, players will play as skilled military commanders. The latter wish to join the greatest robotic battles that gather the best commanders from around the world. Please choose your favourite robots, each with their unique powers and abilities. Select a suitable one to take to battle. Give it crucial upgrades so you can get advantages over others.

Each battle’s ultimate goal is for you and your teammates to protect important beacons and defend them from enemy attacks. Players will find themselves having access to team battles that support up to 6 players on each team. Therefore, it is essential to properly explore the tactical aspects and make the right decisions to win the game.


  • Several robots with unique powers

At the start of the game, War Robots players will find themselves having access to a massive collection of robots with over 50 of the most potent fighting machines on the planet. With each of them having their unique powers and abilities, it will be easy for you to find your favourites and change your game approaches. Experience unique fighting styles with individual robots and master a style that suits yours. You learn how to make it big in War Robots.

  • A variety of different commanders

The game also features a variety of different commanders, who are also classified into different classes. You can then choose a suitable commander to put inside your huge fighting machines and take them into battle.

Take advantage of the complementary attributes between commanders and robots to find the best combinations for you.

And to further enhance your commander’s power, you can have them upgraded to unlock better stats and more useful skills.

  • Graphics

With stunning 3D graphics, War Robot players will enjoy console-level gameplay directly on their mobile devices. And if you want to unlock better graphics, the adjustable graphics setting is always available for exploration. Enjoy this excellent shooter game, even on your old phones.

  • Sound/music

With impactful and immersive audio experiences, Visual and sound quality, War Robots introduces players to the real battlefield. Surround yourself with powerful explosions, frenzied speeches, and more. Best of all, if you like to play as a team, voice chat will come in handy.

  • In-depth gameplay with various features

Unlike most of the average shooter titles on the mobile platform, War Robots players will find themselves having access to vibrant gameplay. With multiple approaches and tactics to pick up, players can have their ways to get wins. From taking enemies head-on or delivering sudden assaults, setting traps, and luring them into your traps, you can experience unique methods of fighting in War Robot.

  • Feel free to customize your robots

War Robots players will find themselves having access to the incredible customizations present in the game. That said, along with some robots’ unique abilities, you can also give them more weapons to enhance their powers and capabilities during battles. Equip your favourite robots with all kinds of extraordinary powers present in the game.

  • Intuitive controls and pleasant mechanics

Battles in War Robots will come relatively natural if used to the usual FPS games as they don’t feature too many changes. That said, players will find the game quite accessible and fun in the early stages.

However, that doesn’t mean the game is accessible in any way. Remember, you are fighting against the best commanders in the world. Either you give it your all, or you won’t be able to win the game.

  • Enjoy multiplayer Game Play with online players from all over the world.

War Robots Mod APK

Since this is an FPS game, many of you would surely find playing online fun. That said, here in War Robots, you’ll have access to addicting gameplay with the best online players from around the world.

Start by joining powerful clans or create one for yourself and your friends. Either way, you’ll have a great time guiding them through endless challenges and climbing the leaderboards.

  • Go alone and try the game on your own

And if you like solo challenges, you can also try a completely new experience in the arena or free gameplay. Find yourself challenging the best war robot commanders. Win against them and thrive to become the best. Complete epic ranked battles and earn your seat in the hall of fame. Climb the charts from Newbie to Champions.

New features are introduced with each update.

And because it’s a new game with an ever-growing community, War Robots Mod APK is encouraged to provide frequent, quality updates. That said, you’ll have a lot of pleasant surprises every time you get a new update. So make sure you keep an eye on this. It will come before you know it.

What are the requirements to download War Robots Mod APK?

  • Your mobile must have 8GB memory and 2B of Ram for perfect performance.
  • The mobile processor must be updated with 7.3.9 or above.
  • A stable internet connection and Wi-Fi is also necessary.

How to download War Robots Mod APK?

  • Go to the mobile browser and search “War Robots” or click on the mentioned download button.
  • You will redirect to the download page, so click on the download option and choose your path.
  • After selecting the path, click on the Save button.
  • It will take a few minutes to complete, so sit back and wait for it.

Enjoy some useful hacks with our mod.

And if you’d like to have some perks before you get into battle, we’ve got the right thing for you. With our War Robot Mod APK, players will have access to some useful hacks that would allow you to advance through the levels quickly. For example, the inactive robots we just added will make the battle much less challenging as they reduce the robots’ capabilities.

Some Other Features

War Robots Mod APK

There are many other useful features like War Robots Mod APK Unlimited Gold, Ammo, Bullets, and Robots Unlocked. It is a viral game because there are millions of fans on War Robots Facebook War Robots Reddit.

Reviews War Robots Mod APK

The more time goes by, and the more people dislike this game. I have played this game for years now, and I can say it has always been pay to win. It is just as of now; everything seems nearly impossible to get. On top of it, matchmaking can be very frustrating, too, as you could be in expert le.

This game is very strategic, and the gameplay is fantastic. In other words, this game has you use strategy to earn points and gold each time you play. If you think I’m a robot, try playing yourself. The weapons and robots are also unusual; therefore, a great experience.

Awesome game glitchy you sometimes tho and I’m in the centre of town with full 4g.. other than that, best game War Robots Multiplayer Battles.

Perfect It is an excellent game with great graphics but plz add some more areas, and that’s all. War Robots Mod APK (Unlimited Gold +Unlimited Bullets + Unlocked) Best love it game

This is very addictive. I like this game very much like this game a lot. It’s awesome. I lost my account in 2021. I got my account back in this week. I love this game, but it’s tough to earn gold. My advice is to increase the making of gold per every match and first some robot’s they

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After showing the above details, it can be concluded that War Robots Mod APK is one of the best games that are more joyful. So, I will suggest you try this once for more entertainment in your spare time. Keep following us for upcoming posts and share your ideas through the comment box.

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