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[500+ Words] Technical Education Essay with Quotations


Do you try to find a Technical Education Essay? But you can’t.

Don’t lose hope here you get a complete technical education essay with quotations that are taken from an authentic book.

At the request of the students, we are written a technical education essay from the book “Advance Ideal English“, that help you in preparation.

Technical Education Essay with Quotations

Technical Education provides training in skills and information to deal with tools and machines used in all fields of life. Its main objective is to produce skilled workers for better performance at their job places. They are trained to set up and use modern technology in their professions. It enhances not only personal skills but also job opportunities of the people. It ensures self-respect and dignity of labor in society. Technical Education also helps to free society from unemployment, child labor, street crime, begging, and other social vices.

In the present age of science and technology, vocational and technical education is very much important to meet the need of the time. Technical experts are needed to run and maintain machines and tools in every sphere of life. The economic prosperity of our country also depends upon its skilled workers. Rapid economic growth is only possible with the use of computer technology of modern hardware and software. Its need qualifies technical experts to set up and run modern technology in the field of trade, commerce, agriculture, and industry.

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” ~ Albert Einstein

It is the age of our global market, our agricultural and industrial products do not meet international standards of quality. It is due to outdated technology, non-technical staff, and unskilled workers in all fields of life. Our educated people are unable to get a good job not only in Pakistan but also abroad because they lack technical expertise. As a result, there is great distress among educated people in the country. 

Technical education also helps to solve the problem of unemployment in our country. A comprehension plan for vocational and technical education should be introduced at the national level. It should be started at the higher and secondary levels. The youngsters should be guided and motivated to understand the dignity of labor and get vocational and technical education to meet the challenges of the present time. Especially, women should be encouraged to share the economic burden of society by getting vocational and technical education. In this way, skilled workers will be able to get the job easily. They can also manage their own setup and earn their bread.

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.” ~ Daniel J. Boorstin

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Liberal Education no doubt, is necessary for intellect. Spiritual, and social uplift of society. But, it does not meet the needs of the present age of science and technology. The government should realize the situation. Our education system should be modernized to ensure spiritual enhancement as well as the economic prosperity of society. Along with liberal education, vocational and technical education should be focused on. The image of Pakistan cannot have been made better without economic prosperity. It is possible through vocational and technical education. We will have to give honor to manual workers and dignity to labor.

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