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The government of Pakistan has announced some Lahore Urban units to be transferred from the military to the civilian administration. The Urban units are those in the capital city of Punjab like Fauji, Rawal, Karachi, and others. These cities form the backbone of Pakistan’s economic and social progress.

Lahore is the third-largest city in Punjab after Lahore and Punjab City. The Yamuna and is bordered by the Azad Kashmiri and Pakistani Kashmiri provinces. Lahore has many historical sites, gardens, monuments, and others very important to tourists. 

Civilians moving into the city from other parts of Pakistan often live in slums and find traditions and life. The arrival of millions of civil servants into the city has changed the face of the city’s development.

The education institutes and universities of Pakistan have also made huge improvements in the last 50 years. With the opening up of new cities and towns, the capital city of Punjab has become the IT hub of the country. Many big companies like Google, Cisco, Accenture, etc., are based in the cities of Punjab.

Govt jobs in Lahore 2021 Matric base | Veterinary Research Institute - Govt jobs in Lahore

The new head of civil services (CS) chief is Koh Samui’s son Dr. Sohail Habir. Dr. Habir has already done wonders to turn around the deteriorating affairs of the province of Punjab. He has launched numerous free software for the common people of the province. The implementation of the same has led to an improvement in the province’s economy. A major IT boom is expected in the upcoming years.

The urbanization of Lahore and other cities of Punjab has been quite successful. However, some problems persist. The biggest problem faced by many residents of the urban centers is unemployment. Without proper employment, it isn’t easy to sustain the development of cities. Housing defects are another major issue faced by the residents. The rapid influx of people from other provinces has not helped matters.

Lahore has seen the biggest increase in the number of hotels in the past few years. This has created the perfect scenario for those who want to spend the extra money and better amenities in the city. 

Hotels in Lahore now provide more than just luxurious accommodation facilities for people who come for a holiday or a business tour. The introduction of various kinds of internet services has also enhanced the convenience of doing business in the urban area of Punjab. The government of Punjab is taking measures to address these issues to provide better facilities and jobs to the people of Lahore.

 People from other provinces, the government is introducing new projects and encouraging urban regeneration in Lahore. These projects aim at providing better infrastructure, employment opportunities, better educational institutions, and recreational spaces to residents of the city.

There is a lot of planning done by the governmental and private entities to ensure better living conditions for the people of Lahore.

Although the urban development of Lahore has come a long way, there is still much to be done in terms of providing necessities like water and electricity. The new projects and the introduction of modern technology have helped considerably.

Other than this, the increasing commercialization of the city is also creating problems. However, things are looking positive as the city is gradually emerging as one of the premier cities of Pakistan. If you plan to invest your money in the city, you can do so as the scene looks quite promising.

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