LESCO Jobs 2022 Online Apply – Govt Jobs In Lahore Apply Now 2022

LESCO Jobs 2022 is the name of a new open job opening launched by the LESCO Group in the upcoming year. The head of the Group, Mr. Adeel Chowdhry, will be appointed as the newly appointed deputy manager of safety and security at the Electric Power Company (EPC). 

This will be the third electrician job in the area of Lahore that is up for promotion. Several other jobs in the group will be undergoing great retrenchment processes from existing staff.

LESCO Jobs 2021 opens up many new opportunities for electricians to move ahead and reach their target positions. With the launch of this new LESCO Job website, all applicants can browse through the job openings and apply for any available positions according to their convenience. 

It has been found that more than a hundred thousand applicants are looking for work at LESCO. The number of jobs offered in LESCO Jobs 2021 has increased by fifty percent during the past year alone. Therefore, there is great competition among the electricians to get the coveted positions available at the LESCO.

LESCO Jobs 2021 Online Apply - Govt Jobs In Lahore Apply Now 2021

People who want to find out if they are eligible for a LESCO Job must apply on the website. The details that must be provided to the system include the candidates’ name, age, education, experience, and passport details. 

In case of any questions, you can give them a call. Candidates who want to increase their chances of selection should apply early as the LESCO schedule is very strict. Only the most serious and able applicants apply for the vacant posts daily.

LESCO is offering a very attractive package, which includes: Job security, Travel insurance, Paid training, Paid annual health insurance, Paid Breaks, Paid Holidays, Annual Leads, Paid Parental Leave, Disability Support, Discounted Holidays, Paid Employment Advice, Paid Parental Leave, Discounted Structured Insurance, Disability Assistance, Paid Youth Training and Parental Leave. Job candidates should apply to at least twenty vacancies and not to more than thirty. In case of redundancy, the candidate will be given six months’ notice. LESCO does not undertake interviews and selection processes.

The qualifications required for becoming a LESCO electrician are a Degree in electricity or electronics, a diploma in the relevant field, and two years of relevant experience. The LESCO qualification verification process may also include a physical examination. Candidates who appear in good light skin and do not suffer from eye, skin, or hearing problems will be preferred. It is important to have clean, fresh urine in the toilet bowl. Candidates may also be required to submit to a drug test.

To apply for LESCO jobs, one needs to complete application forms available on their website. A scanned certificate also proves that the candidate has met the qualifications mentioned earlier. One can browse through all available vacancies online and apply for the ones that match his requirements. Applicants can directly email or fax their registration confirmation to LESCO upon approval. LESCO accepts post-paid cheques as well as debit card payments for their online jobs. 

LESCO offers online applications to its existing and potential clients and external personnel, recruiters, business partners, and corporate clients. Online submission of the application forms and submission of the payment can take up to four weeks. The company notifies the selected LESCO candidates via email.

For further details about LESCO jobs, one must contact the appropriate authorities. Information can also be obtained from railway stations, hospitals, consultancies, corporate companies, engineering firms, trade unions, and employers. LESCO offers excellent benefits along with its flexible work schedules. All you need to do is browse their website and fill in the application form. You’ll get a reply within two weeks.

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