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Complete Essay | Ideology of Pakistan [1000+Words]


Are you looking for the Ideology of Pakistan Essay? We have covered the best Ideology of Pakistan essays for CSS and ADDP Students. This essay is chosen from the best book. Let’s get started!


Ideology constitutes a system of human life that includes a particular set of theories, objectives, and assertions of life. The importance of Ideology in human life cannot be defied on the grounds that individuals should ideally share a common ideology in a homogenous society.

It can be defined in some of the following ways.

Science of ideas, visionary speculations, the manner of thinking, characteristics of a class or individual ideas based on some economic,
social or political theory or system.

It is also important to have an ideology because it offers an interpretation of the past, an explanation of the present, and a vision of the future. It tells you where you come from, where you are and where you suppose to reach afterward. Some people detach themselves
from the past and does not connect itself with the ideology or past.

Ideology of Pakistan

Ideologies take firm roots in society only when people feel that they are being mistreated under an existing order or when their status is threatened by fundamental changes occurring in society. There were some fundamental political changes that occurred in the subcontinent. The Muslims came as invaders (conquerors). The Muslims were being checked thoroughly and Hindus were given leverage over the Muslims and that was the fundamental change occurring in the society.

In the war of 1957, the whole blame was put on Muslims in that war. The British government tried to suppress Muslims and crush that rebellion. Then Sir Syed Ahmad Khan played a role to impress the British and to impress the Muslims. He told that Muslims were not solely responsible for their reward. Moreover, a new ideology in any given society emerges when the prevailing ideology no longer satisfies the people living in a society. That is why they didn’t prefer to live in India rather they prefer to ask for an independent state for themselves.

Body of ideas concerning economic, social, and political values with a positive action program for attaining these goals.

Pakistan is one of the few countries which have been formed based on ideology. Therefore, when the Muslims in the subcontinent felt that the prevailing ideology in the Indian subcontinent is not catering to their spiritual and material needs, then the ideology of a separate
nation began to evolve. The ideals for which the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent started to strive for many decades were drawn from the Islamic system of beliefs. Moreover, the idea of a separate homeland for Muslims of the subcontinent was conceived and matured as a reaction to the Hindu and British exploitation of the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It was a revolt against the prevailing system in order to save it from annihilation. The foundation of that ideology was built and later sustained by Muslim nationalism.

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The ideology of Pakistan is Based on Muslim Nationalism

Nationalism is quite a broad term, and it is a toilsome effort to define this term without going into detail. However, it suffices to say that nationalism is essentially a European Concept. During medieval times, a group of students from one country studying in a European university was called a “nation”. If someone threatens their unity or oneness, then they fight them with power, but they try to go living as one they would try to protect their way of life. They will try to live together that aspect is being threatened and nationalism created havoc.

We have seen nationalism in the earlier twentieth century in the shape of world war 1 and in world war 2. That is purely the outcome of narrow nationalism. Nationalism is paving its way toward a good society to live in harmony and consider itself as a part of one society. Nationalism can be called consciousness, a sentiment or sympathy which binds a group of people together. We may call it the desire of a group of individuals, who are already united by certain ties, to live together and, if necessary, to die together. It is the wish of people who feel that they are one, to go on living as one.

Economic Ideology

The nation whose ideology is based on economies or their ideology has gotten roots in economies. The Soviet Union had the ideology of economic equality. Every ideology has the commonality that if people follow it then they will remain happy and there will be harmony
and prosperity in the whole world. Moreover, the Islamic ideology creates a sense of oneness in Islamic ideology.

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