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Complete Human Rights Essay (Quotations & Outlines)


Do you finding the human rights essay, but still you didn’t find it? Don’t panic here we are going to share an essay on human rights with outlines and quotations.

This Human Rights Essay is taken from the book “English Ideal“. This essay on human rights is for the Matric 10th class, FSC 12th Class, and BA, and BSC Students. Let’s Get Started!

Outlines of Human Rights Essay:

  1. Introduction
  2. Human rights in the past.
  3. King Asoka issued a document about human rights.
  4. Development of human rights
  5. America has destroyed Iraq.
  6. India’s atrocities in Kashmir.
  7. Human rights in Pakistan
  8. Clashes among political parties.
  9. Poor people are crushed down by the higher authorities.
  10. Importance of Human Rights
  11. People enjoy many basic rights.
  12. Islam gives equal rights.

Human Rights Essay:

In the past, there was no concept of human rights. Ancient people lived like animals. According to the ” Might is Right ” was the law of the world. The stronger used to rule and dishonor the weaker and the poor. As human society developed, the concept of human rights also developed. King Asoka in 265 B.C issued a document that contains certain human rights.

” To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity “.   [Nelson Mendela]

With the passage of time, people have become educated. With the spread of education, the concept of human rights matured. Afghanistan is populated by poor people. America has bombed it mercilessly and killed many innocent men, women, and children. America has caused massive disasters in Iraq. Israel with its heavy collection of deadly weapons attacks and assaults the Muslims of Palestine. India has also committed untold atrocities on Kashmir.

In Pakistan, the condition of human rights is not satisfactory. Every day, we listen to riots and clashes among political parties. People belonging to opposite political opinions are arrested and kidnapped. The strong and rich usurp the property of the weak and lead a life of luxury. The poor people do not enjoy the rights of equality. However, there are certain fields where Pakistan has no doubt conferred equal rights to individuals.

   ” A  right is not someone gives you; its what no one can take from you “. [Ramsey Clark]

No doubt it is a movement for human rights that causes the abolition of slavery. With the dawn of civilization, no doubt, mankind in all parts of the world did come to enjoy many basic rights, but authority vested in priest rulers. No religion before Islam did any significant work in regard to human rights. Islam is a complete code of life. The Prophet of Islam threw light on almost all aspects of life. In his last address, he gave a complete description of human rights.

Islam gave equal dignity and respect to all people irrespective of their color, caste, and creed. Islam bestows equal rights in the field of politics, culture, religion, and economics to the master and the slave. Islam has also given equal rights to women and men in every field of life. Now equal jobs and educational opportunities are available to them. They can cast votes and reach the assemblies without any discrimination.

“Freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere. Our support goes to those who struggle to gain those rights or keep them. Our strength is our unity of purpose. To that high concept there can be no end save victory.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


There are two kinds of fundamental rights that have been recognized in the universal declaration of the U.N. First, there are traditional, civil, and political rights. Second, there are economic, social, and cultural rights. America, Europe, and India are said to be democratic countries but unfortunately, they are also violating human rights grossly. So it is a necessary obligation of every government in this world to promote human rights. In this way, every individual can get his rights easily.

Human Rights in Pakistan Essay PDF:

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