Fallout Shelter Mod Apk (Lunchboxes+Unlimited Money)

I love this game. I’ve played it a lot of times. I even sawed my compatriots this game. They loved it right away when they started working on it, Fallout Shelter mod apk (lunchboxes Unlimited Money)

Furnish your bunker attract new residents to yourself. Beat the attacks of enemies and claws of death, change it, and make it safer.

A delightful and exciting game that will appeal to all lovers of post-apocalyptic battles. They play the role of superintendent of one of the practical seekers. Pump skills to your characters and send them in the research of supplies and precious objects.

fallout shelter mod apk (lunchboxes+Unlimited Money)

Fallout Shelter Mod APK


Fallout Shelter is a fantastic mobile video simulation game. It has awe-inspiring features. So if you are looking for great fun, then read the full post. Because in this article, I will talk about the Fallout Shelter Mod APK download. So keep reading and leave your comment at the end of the post.

NameFallout Shelter
Requires(lunchboxes+Unlimited Money)
Last UpdatedJune july, 2020
Offered By
Bethesda Softworks LLC
By Updatedfallout shelter mod apk


Fallout shelter (unlimited money MOD) is a free simulation game for Android, IOS, Windows, and Xbox One. The game’s appeal stems from the action game Fallout in the context of the apocalyptic world, in which humans are finding ways to survive after the nuclear bomb disaster.

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What’s newly added in Fallout Shelter Mod APK?

There are a lot of things that are recently added to this game. For example, in the old version, you were limited by the battles and other stuff, so you will be allowed to use all the premium features for free in this version. It will give you a great experience while playing.

Even you can play Fallout Shelter Online Mod for free. So it would help if you tried it.

fallout shelter mod apk (lunchboxes+Unlimited Money)

Features of Game

  • Build your vault

If your mission is to build an amusement park in Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch, your purpose in fallout shelter is much more critical. In the apocalyptic world, your job is to create a bunker shelter (called Vault) so that everyone can avoid the nuclear bomb. Now joy is no longer critical. All that is left is life and death.

  • Train the Residents

After building a vault, people will gradually move to their base. Now you are a boss, a manager. You must guide and guide your residents in constructing and expanding the refuge while looking for food, water, and electricity to support life. Radiation makes the mouse, cockroach, and insects enormous. They will attack your base every day, so you need to prepare weapons to protect your support.

  • Make Large Rooms

There are rooms that you can expand, so be a smart designer instead of building wild places. When your population starts to fill up, problems begin to appear if you build your base unreasonably. Remember, large rooms are more comfortable to connect to other places than smaller apartments. However, making them takes time and consumes more resources.

  • Construct Power Plants

Besides, the construction of power plants and reactors is also essential for maintaining your base’s energy efficiency. We can’t live underground without enough light and some machinery. Rooms away from power plants require more energy, so you need to build power plants evenly to save lives.

  • Use your reaction skills.

And in a world where resources are expensive, it would be good to recycle the random junks you find. You can explore the innovative features in Fallout Shelter and turn the unnecessary wastes in your inventory into useful raw materials or upgradeable parts.

You can improve your crafting skills by investing in various research so that your scientist can apply better technologies to crafting.

  • Special system

Atomic Shelter residents have statistics in SPECIAL, which correspond to Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. By organizing the residents of the room to match their abilities, they will perform the task effectively.

For example, Strength increases production capacity in the power plant. Charisma is the people who attract others through the radio

Not only does it attract residents from abroad, but its residents can also marry and father on their premises, increasing the number of residents.

Besides storing enough food and water, you need to improve your residents’ happiness by giving them the right job they want or organizing weddings for couples. Pregnant mothers have a 100% happiness rate. As the population grows, don’t forget to update your facilities.

  • Construction workshop

It is rated to Lucky Patcher Fallout Shelter with two labs to choose from, Stimpacks and Radway. Laboratories are responsible for the production of medicines and articles useful in the lives of residents.

When giant cockroaches attack your base, Stimpacks helps you heal, and Radway helps you detoxify your residents. This feature is quite expensive, but it’s better than losing the resident forever.

  • Explore the outside world

Despite the danger, the outside world has many extraordinary objects and materials to improve your foundations in a chaotic world. Get someone out, equip them with enough armor, weapons, Stimpacks, and Radway, and bring you many precious materials.

  • Fallout Shelter Unlimited Money

Fallout Shelter Unlimited Money is about earning money coins and gold what premium features for free. It requires charges, so you can easily use it for fast-growing in the game.

  • Sound/music

With powerful and impactful music, Fallout Shelter allows players to immerse themselves in post-apocalyptic survivors’ exciting adventure truly. Explore all aspects of their lives as you engage yourself in truthful audio experiences.

What is race?

Rush is a function that helps you speed up, complete the operation immediately instead of waiting for it. However, this feature is quite risky. If you succeed, everything is beautiful, and nobody gets hurt. But if you fail, the room you rush into will light up, destroy many things and attract rats and cockroaches to attack.

How to download Fallout Shelter Mod APK?

It is effortless to download this fantastic game. You have to follow the given below points to quickly this game.

  • Go to the mobile browser and search “Fallout Shelter Mod APJ” or click on the mentioned link.
  • You will reach the download page, so click on the download and save button.
  • Select the path to save the file and click on the Save button.
  • Wait for a few seconds to complete the downloading process.

How to Install & Play Fallout Shelter Mod APK

  • Open the download file from the free memory and click on the install button. Click on the setting to allow the unknown sources and then save it.
  • Again click the install button and agreed to button.
  • After installing open, the game, click on the settings.
  • Select your Requirements and click the save setting button.
  • Then click on the Start Game button and have a lot of fun in your free time.

Fallout Shelter Cheats & Hacks

  • Plan your layout in advance

Most of the Fallout Shelter rooms can be expanded and merged, while elevators offer your inhabitants access to several floors. However, traveling between offices can become slow if you create a maze of rough areas.

  • Don’t expand your vault too quickly.

Each new room in your vault consumes extra energy, so you don’t want to unnecessarily add places that you can’t use just because you’ve unlocked them.

  • Use replacement weapons to equip all your inhabitants.

You may be tempted to recycle and sell weapons that your explorers don’t use, but you will make better use of them by equipping the vault dwellers. These weapons can help prepare your inhabitants for vault accidents and attacks.

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  • Use the Population List to manage the inhabitants easily.

As your deposit expands, it becomes more challenging to track down your inhabitants. However, the list of inhabitants, which appears as a gear in the upper left part of the screen, includes an overview of all the inhabitants of your vault.

  • Use clothes to optimize the productivity skills of the inhabitants.

In the early stages of your vault, most of your inhabitants will not have impressive skill sets. And since you don’t check the inhabitants’ stats that show up at your trunk and the training rooms only open after 30 or more inhabitants, clothes are a great way to increase their skills.

Positive Reviews

Excellent and enjoyable game; it’s not perfect, but it’s complete; you don’t even have to buy anything in the shop to progress and enjoy it. I hope it still gets updated.

The games were entertaining once I got my vault up and running. I love missions. The beginning sometimes was slow for me, and I found myself waiting for enough money or dweller to move on to do something new. I even deleted my vault to try and start one with a more promising start.

I love this game. I hope there were more steps to earn items and less time spent doing quests and wandering the wasteland. One feature I’d like to see is a better way of keeping track of how your Dwellers are related.

It’s an exciting game. Ads are not an issue at all, as they are not pushy. You can choose either to watch them or not. I would give five stars, but the game is tremendously lacking end-game content.

An entertaining game that you can come back to over again. It is fun and addicting to manage a full vault. I could use some new content. Watching ads for rewards is a new feature you can use every í minutes, allowing you to further progress into the game.


Is fallout shelter apk is a Popular Game?

Fallout Shelter + MOD is an excellent simulation application for Android, and the mod has already been downloaded over 69943 times right here on your favorite Android site.

What is the best Fallout Shelter Cheats for PC?

It is effortless to get a high level of PC Game. You have to use different keys provided in the game to achieve the top target in the game.

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fallout shelter mod apk (lunchboxes+Unlimited Money)

It is not only a simulation game but a fallout shelter. It also has a vast universe, stories, and many exciting things to explore.

The games are available on Google Play and the App Store and allow you to download for free. In just a simulation game, the Fallout Shelter app also has a vast universe, stories, and exciting things to search for. Tournaments are free on Google Play and the App Store, permitting you to download for free. If you are ready to build your Vault, download this game through the links below the article.

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