A complete Guide Of CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk 2021

MONEY HACKS APK  CSR Racing 2 is one of the favorite games Real Drift Car Racing. We make you A complete guide of CSR racing two mod apk  2021

CSR Racing 2 MOD APK


A complete guide of CSR Racing 2 mod apk download 2020

CSR Racing 2 MOD APK: CSR stands for Custom Street Racing is a mobile video game developed and published by Boss Alien and NaturalMotion Games.

Its second version, called CSR 2, was released on June 28, 2016.

So the CSR lovers liked it very much, and it has millions of downloads on the play store with positive reviews. If you are also CSR 2 lovers and looking for its MOD APK, then you are at the right place because today,

I am here to provide every detail about this game. So keep reading the full post for a better understanding.

What’s new in CSR Racing 2 MOD APK?

The user of CSR wants to about new things in CSR 2 MOD. The primary purpose of this MOD is to provide more attractive stuff for free that is not available in the official game.

It allows you to use different user codes for more gaming levels. Additionally, it also protects you from security issues. You can create your garage and show other beautiful cars.
So you must try it for more gaming experience for free, like real racing.

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General Information


File Size: 80 MB

Type: Mobile Video Game:

Released: 28 June 2016

Last Update: June 2020

Latest Version: 2.12.0


  • Real-Time

This game adds that it provides a real-time racing experience to its users. So you can play this game for entertainment like real.

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  • More Dream Garage

In this game, the users can collect different beautiful cars to show them in the garage. It allows you to receive over 50 other licensed vehicles in the garage.

  • Multiplayer

The unique thing about this version is that it allows you to play with your friends online. So you can play and make new friends by staying at home.

  • Fast Playing

The old version was very low to play or load the gamer, but this version comes with full fast loading and playing. So there is no tension of loading time or game hang while playing.

  • Upgrade

In the old version, you were unable to upgrade something like Tune and Fuse. But in this version, you can quickly improve tire pressure, nutritious timing, gear ratios, and much more.

  • More Cash & Gold

Every player wants to earn more cash & gold to get up level. So this MOD allows you to make more cash and gold to the higher rank in the game.

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  • Easy Customization

Many features like themes and background color can be changed in this version. You can change the full look of the game according to your requirements.

  • Full Privacy

As you are playing this game by using the internet, you always fear your privacy. Protects you from all the scams and hackers attack while paying.

  • HD Graphics

This version comes with High Graphics that attracts users. It allows you to change these graphics according to your needs, but the developers have some limitations that you can’t cross.

  • Real Money

CSR 2 allows you to earn real money while playing the game. You can purchase some features to win real cash with your good performance and got high levels.

Requirements to Download

There are no high requirements to play this game. But you have to follow just simple things that are detailed below:

Android Version Required: 5.0+

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Processor: 7.5.9

Stable Internet Connection

CSR Racing 2 mod apk download

How to Download?

  • Go to the mobile browser and type “CSR Racing 2 mod APK,” and search it.
  • You can also download it from the below-mentioned link.
  • After searching, open the first result and click on the blue button “Download for Android.”
  • It can take several minutes depends on your mobile device speed.
  • After completing the download, go to your mobile setting.
  • In mobile settings, click on more and allow “Unknown Sources,” and click on done.
  • Then go to free memory and open the downloaded file.
  • Click on the install button and wait for 1 or 2 minutes.
  • So after installing the game now, you can play it easily.

How to Play?

A complete guide of CSR Racing 2 mod apk download 2020

There are a few simple steps to follow for first-time use. But this is only for the first time. After this setting, you can easily play by just opening the game. OK, let me explain it.

  • Open the Installed Game.
  • And tick on the “I agreed” button.
  • Then click on the setting and fill in the details like username, password, and profile picture.
  • Then click on the save button and go to the home screen of the game.
  • Click on any free car from the showing list and save it as a default for future play.
  • And then click on the play button and enjoy this fantastic for free.

Tips & Tricks for CSR 2

  • Perfect Start

A perfect start can give you a high level in this game. You can set your car and rev it before starting the countdown. And release the accelerator when the program reaches “2”. It gives you more racing experience while playing with friends.

  • Boost Sparingly

I will not recommend the use of Boost; you should only use it while looking.  After the perfect start and hitting the maximum speed, you do not need a boost.

  • Switch Up Nitrous Oxide

While playing CSR 2, if your car acceleration is low, you should make it a shorter button with powerful duration NO.

  • Keep Tweaking

Before starting the race, you must check the race duration because it will increase the chances of winning. You have to tune up your car for the amazing race.

Rules & Regulation

  • You can use limited gas in race games, just like the official game.
  • You have to watch ads or invite your friends after reaching your tanks 20 or so.
  • You can upgrade and change different car parts like transmission, intake, tires, engine, body, and turbo.
  • This game has 4.7/5 ratings, and the users are saying this is the best game to play with family and friends.

A complete guide of CSR Racing 2 mod apk download 2020


What is the fastest car on CSR Racing 2?

Ferarri Lefarri is the fastest car to play in this game.

Can you race friends on CSR Racing 2?

Yes, it allows you to play with family & friends for more entertainment.

Is CSR Racing two offline?

No, it is only for online mode with the fastest playing and more speed.

What does CSR mean in CSR Racing?

CSR refers to Custom Street Racing that is a mobile video game by NatuiralMotion Games.

How do you get unlimited money in csr2?

You can earn more real cash by purchasing some features in the game. Additionally, after buying the function, you have to increase your performance to get a higher level and more real money.

How do I get my data back in csr2?

The simple way to get a backup of your account is that send the screenshots of your profile id to the game center.

The game center experts will analyze your profile and ask you a few questions about username passwords and others. If the answers will right, then you will get back up within a few minutes.


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