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Computer Notes for Class 12 [ All 14 Chapters PDF Notes]


Hello, Are you looking for Computer Notes for Class 12, Then exactly you’re in the right spot. Here you get Computer 2nd Year Notes that you searching for.

Computer Notes for Class 12

Finding the right notes on the internet is difficult for the Pakistani students especially those who belong to Punjab Board, and FBISE (Federal Board).

That’s why we have published 2nd Year Notes for all the subjects in one place for easy download the notes.

I know you want the Computer 2nd Year Notes, and you can’t that you searching for.

You don’t need to purchase the Computer 2nd Year Key book, because these Computer notes for class 12 have included all the syllabus that you want.

These Computer 2nd Year Notes is only for Punjab and Federal Boards for Class FSC-II/ICS-II/ICOM-II. These notes are written in very easy and simple words that help you to understand easily.


Chapter 1Data Basics
Chapter 2Basic Concepts and Terminology
Chapter 3Database Design Process
Chapter 4Data Integrity and Normalization
Chapter 5Introduction to Microsoft Access
Chapter 6Table and Query
Chapter 7Microsoft Access Forms and Reports
Chapter 8Getting Started with C
Chapter 9Elements of C
Chapter 10Input-Output of C
Chapter 11Decision Structures of C
Chapter 12Loop Constructs of C
Chapter 13Functions in C
Chapter 14File Handling in C

Computer Notes for Class 12 Download

Download the Computer notes for 12 that all Chapters Exercise wise Questions, Short Questions, Long Questions, Past Paper Questions, Programs, and Examples. These notes are in PDF format that helps you to view the notes easily.

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