Choices Mod Apk Unlimited keys And Diamonds 2021

A great game choices mod apk in which you at the outset with your main character start to receive and live his life, meet new characters, earn new friends, and find a couple you choose. free games Choices: Stories You Play mod apk (Unlimited Keys/Diamonds)

choices mod apk unlimited keys and diamonds 2020

choices mod apk unlimited keys and diamonds 2021


Do you like love, horror, or funny stories? If yes, then choices mod apk is for you. It is a fantastic mobile video game that allows you to choose a character related to your nature and pay for love, horror, or fun only.

I played this game personally and got a lot of pleasure for free to spend my time. So you must try this game once if you are looking for an exciting story game.

NameChoices: Stories You Play
Content Rating
Rated for 12+
MOD Info(Unlimited Keys/Diamonds)Free Premium Choices
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choices mod apk


Choices: Stories Mod APK is a story-based mobile video game with different characters & stories like funny, love & horror. It is a free game that can be played without an internet connection. All the premium features are available for all game lovers for free use.

If you are also looking for a fantastic game to play in your free time, then Choices Mod APK is for you. This review will guide you on download and play Choices Mod APK and its tips & tricks. SO keep reading the full post and leave your comment at the end. OK, let me explain it.

What’s Newly Added Choices Stories Game?

Choices mod apk is a mobile video game with different charters available for free. It is just like High School stories and other stories-based games.

But there a lot of things that make it different from the others. First of all, it includes different levels like funny, horror, and love suitable for your behavior. Secondly, it is for free, with premium features that allow you to play at any time.

Everything is changed with splendid features in this game. So I will recommend you to must try this game if you are looking for the best match.

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Features of Game

choices mod apk unlimited keys and diamonds 2020

  • Primary Character Customization

This feature allows you to change the style of the main character you are using in the story. You can change skin color, dress, or location. So it is a fantastic feature for free.

  • Fall in love

Fall in Love is another excellent option in this game. Through this feature, you can choose a character for your love story and play as a lover. It will give you more pleasure and makes you more entertained.

  • Horror Story

Horror Story is another great option for game lovers. If you like to watch horror movies and read horror novels, then it’s a feature for you.

You will select a character to play a horror story with your friends and other players in this feature. You can change the surface at any time, but the story can’t be changed while playing.

  • Unlimited Keys

This feature allows you to use different keys for the story while playing. It will provide you with separate access for various tasks and make your game level higher.

  • Manage Jobs, Relations & Family

This feature is about managing your game like jobs, family, friends & family. It will help you to make your story successful. So it would be best if you tried it for once in this game.

  • Resume Your Chapter

We all heard that our life is full of chapters. So in this game, the same situation has been included. Your story will have different sections that you can change or resume anytime. It is about returning your previous unsatisfied scenes in the game.

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  • Ads Free

Most of the games use ads in the game, but there are no ads in this game. So, you will play this game without watching ads and wasting time. You have to open and start to play your stories.

  • Premium Unlocked 

All the premium features of the official game are available for free in this MOD APK. This will allow you to use la the features for free, so you can use them without paying.

  • Unlimited Diamonds

In this game, you can create more diamonds and use them for more stories. These diamonds can be used for different levels and characters to increase the success rate of the story choices mod apk

Requirements to Download the Game

There a few simple requirements to follow before download and install the game. You have to follow the following steps that are mentioned below.

  • First of all, your mobile version must have 5.0.3+ or more.
  • The other one is that 2 GB of Ram and 8GB of Rom.
  • The mobile software must be from a reputable company like Lollypop, Candy, etc.
  • The processor of the mobile must have an updated version of 7.9.4 or more.
  • You must have a Wi-Fi connection or a stable internet connection.

How to download Choices: Stories Mod APK

How to download Choices:

A few simple steps are detailed below. You have to follow these steps for a quick download for free. So please read and follow them carefully.

  • Go to the link mentioned in this link or search in the mobile browser “choices mod apk.”
  • You will find a page where a download button is available.
  • Click on the download button and save button.
  • It will redirect you to the mobile memory to select the path to download this game.
  • After path setting, click on the download and the save button.
  • It will take a few minutes depends on your mobile and internet speed, so wait to complete the download process.

How to Install & Play Choices Mod APK

To install and play this fantastic game, you have to follow simple steps, so please rad follow all the mentioned steps carefully for quick installation and play.

  • Go to free memory, where you download the game.
  • Open the game and click on the install button.
  • It will redirect you to the mobile setting page, allowing the unknown sources to form more settings.
  • Then again, open the game and click on the install button.
  • It will again ask you, so click on the agreed button and continue the process.
  • After completing the installation process, opens the installed application from the home screen.
  • The game will take a few seconds to load the files for the first time.
  • From the game dashboard, click on the setting and set your charters and stories.
  • Save the settings and click on the start story button.
  • Now you can easily lay and enjoy this excellent game for free.

Tips & Tricks to Play the Game


  • Read Stories in Random Order

If you want to make your story successful, you have to read stories in random order. It will help you to arrange the chapters and characters of the story.

  • Replay a Story on a Chapter

You must use this option if you want to make you want to complete your story successfully. It is about replaying the level on a chapter that allows you to resume the missed section or not set accurately.

  • Keys & Diamonds

Unlimited Keys & Diamond are good options in the game. It allows you to earn more diamonds and use the universal key for the story. This is about getting to a high level and change different characters.

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The Best Experience is Here

This is about my personal experience while playing this game. I have played many games related to stories, but the Choices: Stories game was best as there are many premium features for free that allow the users to create an account beautifully.

It helps the players to increase the game level and got more keys. The best option is that it is a fully secured game, so don’t worry about its security. Additionally, you can play this excellent game offline, so it would be the best choice for you to play and enjoy yourself.

Positive Reviews


I enjoy this game, which sort of surprised me bc. Of other low-quality games in this genre? But I legit have fun w this app, and the writing is pretty high quality. The only draw is that you need diamonds to do a lot in the play, which means I don’t play as much as I would differently.

I genuinely like this game, but I am not happy that I have to pay so many gems for some choices. It means you only really get one opportunity. They only get two gems for every chapter you complete

The game was going to get five stars from me. The gameplay is excellent; the choices aren’t as expensive as similar games. Some stories are fun to get. I read it three stars because the daily rewards keep freezing, and I only went two days dropping out on them, which means fewer diamonds and longer.

Great game, good stories, but not enough of them. Not enough diamonds either. You have to either dial down the prices or give us more diamonds in other ways. However, I would say if you have 15 minutes to kill, this is a great game.


What are the best choices of stories?

There are different choices stories available in the game, but The Crown and the Flame, Rules of Engagement & the Freshman, are fantastic stories.

Can you make stories on choices?

It is an interesting question for every player, and the answer is that you are free to write your story. So you can use this fantastic feature to spend your time with pleasure.

Are the choices a good game?

Yes, it is the best game ever based on different stories like love, horror, funny & romantic. So you must try it for a more gaming experience.

Can choices be played offline?

Yes, it is an offline mobile game that can play without an internet connection. So now you are free to this game at any time without having an internet facility.

How many books are in choices?

There is a lot of series of stories that I used in the choices game. It provides different books that have a lot of stories related to love, fun, and horror. So you can use one of them according to your behavior.

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After showing the above details about choices mod apk, I hope you will like it. SO please share it also with your finds to help them. You can ask any query and follow us for future unique posts related to mobile applications.

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