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2nd Year English Notes [Prose, Heroes, Mr. Chips]


Hello, Are you looking for 2nd Year English Notes, Then exactly you’re in the right spot. Here you get English 2nd Year Notes that you searching for.

2nd Year English Notes

Finding the right notes on the internet is difficult for the Pakistani students especially those who belong to Punjab Board, and FBISE (Federal Board).

That’s why we have published 2nd Year Notes for all the subjects in one place for easy download the notes.

I know you want the English 2nd Year Notes, and you can’t that you searching for.

You don’t need to purchase the English 2nd Year Key book, because these English notes for class 12 have included all the syllabus that you want.

These English 2nd Year Notes is only for Punjab and Federal Boards for Class FSC-II/ICS-II/ICOM-II. These notes are written in very easy and simple words that help you to understand easily.

Check below the summary of English notes for class 12:

Summary of English Notes Book-II Prose and Heroes

Lesson No. 1The Dying Sun
Lesson No. 2Using the Scientific Method
Lesson No. 3Why Boys Fail in College
Lesson No. 4End the Term
Lesson No. 5On Destroying Book
Lesson No. 6The Man Who was a Hospital
Lesson No. 7My Financial Career
Lesson No. 8China’s Way to Progress
Lesson No. 9Hunger and Population Explosion
Lesson No. 10The Jewel of World
Lesson No. 11First Fear at Harrow
Lesson No. 12Hitch Hiking Across the Sahara
Lesson No. 13Sir Alexander Fleming
Lesson No. 14Louis Pasteur
Lesson No. 15Mustafa Kamal
Book IV Good By Mr. Chips

2nd Year English Notes Download

Download the English notes for 12 that include Heroes, Prose, Mr.Chips Novel, Essays and Translation. These notes are in PDF format that helps you to view the notes easily.

2nd Year English Full Notes PDF

Hopefully, students, You did like our provided 2nd Year Notes, and start your preparation according to the given notes, Don’t forget to share with your friends and fellow.
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