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1st Year English Notes [PLAYS, POEMS, SHORT STORIES]


Do you come for 1st Year English Notes, Then certainly you are in the right region. because here we are providing you English first year notes that you searching for.

1st Year English Notes

This site is specially made for help to the students who want education stuff. Finding the right things on the internet is very difficult for students. That’s why we are giving you English first year notes.

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These 1st Year English Notes are for Class 11th / Intermediate-I /FSC -I / ICOM-I / ICS-I. These Notes are in hard copy. These FSC English notes are only for Punjab Board and Federal Board Students. Don’t forget to share with your best friends and class fellows.

Check the summary of English first year notes:

FSC Part 1 English Notes Book 1

Lesson # 01Button, Button
Lesson # 02Clearing in the Sky
Lesson # 03Dark they were, and Golden Eyed
Lesson # 04Thank you, M’ am
Lesson # 05The Piece of String
Lesson # 06The Reward
Lesson # 07The Use of Force
Lesson # 08The Gulistan of Sadi
Lesson # 09The Foolish Quack
Lesson # 10A Mild Attack of Locusts
Lesson # 12I Have a Dream
Lesson # 13The Gift of Magi
Lesson # 14God be Praised
Lesson # 15Overcoat
Lesson # 16The Angel and The Author and Others

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FSC Part 1 English Notes Book 3

Part 1 (Plays)

Play # 01Heat Lightning
Play # 02Visit To A Small Planet
Play # 03The Oyster And The Pearl

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From Book 3 Part, 1 (Plays) have only three-chapter so only Synonyms and  Questions/Answers are coming in the paper.

 Part-II (POEMS)

Poem # 01The Rain
Poem # 02Night Mail
Poem # 03Loveliest of Tree Cherry Now
Poem # 04 O Where are you Going?
Poem # 05 In The Street of the fruit Stalls
Poem # 06A Sindhi Women
Poem # 07Times
Poem # 08Ozymandias
Poem # 09 The Feed
Poem # 10 The Hollow Men
Poem # 11 Leisure
Poem # 12 Ruba’iayt
Poem # 13 A Tale of Two Cities
Poem # 14 My Neighbour Freind
Poem # 15 He Came To Know Himself
Poem # 16 God’s Attributes
Poem # 17 Love- An Essence of All Religions
Poem # 18 A Man of Words and Not of Deeds
Poem # 19 In Broken Images

If you face any problem regarding Ist Year English Notes, Don’t be panic just let me know in the comment section below we resolve your query as soon as possible.

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